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Potocki Paterson Art Gallery is a creative co-operation between established and emerging Artists, with an emphasis on supporting local talent to push the boundaries within traditional art galleries . This Art House welcomes, supports, and encourages exclusive creative material, from all spectrums, worthy of gallery exposure. Potocki Paterson is not limited to a gallery, we see it as an Art House which is available to accommodate any creative venture be it, workshop, art class, book readings, launches or any other.



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On the way to the opera with The Drug Lord and Mr X

An exhibition featuring artwork by Simon Kerr, On the Way to the Opera with the Drug Lord and Mr X, will open at the Potocki Paterson Art Gallery in Wellington on 7 April. So who is Mr X of the exhibition title? Kerikeri artist and former prisoner Simon Kerr says that on the night of 18 August 1993, there was an escape from the maximum security prison at Paremoremo in Auckland. "Contrary to some media reports that other escapes have taken place from maximum security, the facts are that only three men have ever escaped from there," Simon says. "Only one man has both broken into and out of the maximum security prison and that is Mr X." Born in 1961, Simon was 16 when he was first sent to Mt Eden Prison in Auckland. In the 1990s, he was the leader of a group of safe-crackers known as the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang and staged a number of escapes from prison. During his last prison sentence, served at Northland Region Corrections Facility from 2011 to 2015, he started making art. "Apart from love, art is the only thing I'm really passionate about," he says. "Corrections provided me with a vehicle to develop that passion. "Prisons don't change people until people change prisons, and whoever it was that was in a position to allow the art programe at Northland Region Corrections Facility, I give them my sincere thanks. And to my art tutors, Sandra and Beth, "I owe you so much".

Cam Munroe has an extensive exhibiting career in painting, spanning over 24 years. However, over the last few years it is ceramics that has been the focus of her works with a strong mixture of wall hung abstract compositions and her most recent foray into slip casting
Craig Williams has been working in ceramics for close to a decade, having previously used printing as medium for his artistic expression. The combined artistic and practical/physical aspects of ceramics mean that he has found his perfect medium.

Staggered by his talent

Simon's talent was quickly recognised by his art tutors. Kerikeri artist and critic Mike Nettman says he was staggered when he first saw what Simon was producing. "I looked over his shoulder to see what he was doing and I thought, "My gosh, this man is incredibly talented," Mike recalls. "I asked him what he did before he was in prison. And he said to me, 'I robbed banks'. I said I meant what was his occupation and again he said he'd robbed banks. From the age of 15, he'd been robbing banks and that's all he knew."

Sixth solo show

Simon was released from prison in late 2015 and lives in Kerikeri with his partner and their two young daughters. His first solo exhibition, where all his work was sold, was at the Whangarei Art Museum in January 2016. The Wellington exhibition is his sixth solo show. "I hope this exhibition will encourage others not to be deterred by obstacles and to free themselves from the mould they've become stuck in," Simon says. Simon says his art is two things: a narrative of his personal journey and his observation of the world along that journey. "I'm passionate about telling my story and my view of the world but I've never trained as an artist." Mike Nettman says Simon has opened his soul for people to view. "It's very honest work. He doesn't want to learn about technique and he doesn't have to because he is a storyteller in his art and it is very powerful stuff."

On the Way to the Opera with the Drug Lord and Mr X runs from 7 to 21 April at Potocki Paterson Gallery, 41-47 Dixon St, Level 1, Wellington. The exhibition opens at 6pm with an artist talk at 7pm.

Jade Valour brings a magical delight to her pottery. The exploration of form, texture and colour whilst working with different clay and glazes means no two works are ever the same. In her homage to the potters' mythical qualities, her works often include dragon and phoenix motifs.
Rebecca Neal's works are decorative, domestic and functional. She is currently expanding on her palette of coloured slips and their application on different clay bodies, and the effects achieved under different glazes

We here at Potocki Paterson promote the acquisition of art. If you like it, you should buy it - even if it is for someone else. If you have a collection, you should add to it. If you've never bought a piece of art, you should start. Collecting is one of the joys in life. MY ART makes it easier to own original art work by providing interest free loans via selected galleries. It's the new way to buy ART.

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Proposal Guidelines

The gallery, together with a team of outside contemporary art assessors, will consider each submission. If the exhibition proposal meets the required standards, the applicant will be notified of available exhibition dates. The gallery does not take a commission. Priority is given to artists who have an established exhibition history; particularly those who are mid career and seek further develop their practice. However, a strong ethos at the gallery is to also promote and show emerging artists in the early stages of their career. Group shows are welcome.
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