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Potocki Paterson Art Gallery is a creative co-operation between established and emerging Artists, with an emphasis on supporting local talent to push the boundaries within traditional art galleries . This Art House welcomes, supports, and encourages exclusive creative material, from all spectrums, worthy of gallery exposure. Potocki Paterson is not limited to a gallery, we see it as an Art House which is available to accommodate any creative venture be it, workshop, art class, book readings, launches or any other.



Ritual performance outfit Twisted Shadows is celebrating its third anniversary this Halloween with a suspension ritual and an art exhibition showcasing 9 emerging Wellington artists. “I wanted to bring something together that celebrated themes of the primal, magical, and dark on the day that marked three years of Twisted Shadows, because three is a number of symbolic significance ” says Lady Stab, ritual creator of Twisted Shadows who is curating the art show. “And what better way to celebrate than inviting emerging local artists to join in on the fun?” The exhibition opening from 6pm on All Hallows’ Eve will showcase a public ritual performance by Twisted Shadows. Starting at 8pm, the ritual will utilise body piercing and suspension paired with a soundscape and projections. Throughout the evening there will be other video installations and interactive art pieces. This ritual is not for the faint hearted - but if you're squeamish about seeing blood on the night, the other artworks will be on display for four days after the ritual as well.

This exhibition celebrates the third year manifestation anniversary of Twisted Shadows, a ritual art performance outfit which explores themes of Death, Rebirth and Blood. Eight other talented local artists have joined forces with Twisted Shadows to to make the Ritual Space exhibition a reality. They include Izzy Joy, Eddie Hayden, Lottie Loves Lemons, Morrison Arts, GG Gore, Rebecca Hawkes, Holly Hemlock, and Tomas Richards. The artists have a mixture of fine-arts training and self-taught backgrounds, and have come together through their shared interest in Gothic and occult artwork.The artworks on display will range from oil paintings to video installations and metalwork. The artworks will be available to view in the gallery from 9am-7pm from the 1st until the 4th of November. We invite you to attend this Halloween for an exhibition like no other. We promise it will be challenging, exciting, and memorable.

Lady Stab, Lotte Loves Lemons, Holly Hemlock, GG Gore, Rebecca Hawkes, Eddie Haydon, Morrigan Arts, Tomas Richards, Izzy Joy

RITUAL SPACE - an exploration of internal worlds
- 31st October - 4th November

Born in Auckland, Amlehn moved to New York in the 90’s and established an art career that spans 28 years. He works in the mediums of text, music, photography, and film. He has collaborated with musicians from the bands of David Bowie, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Philip Glass, and painter Gerhard Richter and filmmaker David Lynch who are providing cover art for his albums of music. Paul has exhibited his art in many of the world’s top galleries, museums, and festivals, including the prestigious “Olympics of the art world,” the Venice Biennale, where he has shown his work three times, being the first and only New Zealander to do so.

Now Paul is exhibiting in Aotearoa for the first time at Potocki Paterson, with a series of works, titled: The Eye of God. “I love Wellington,” Paul says, “it’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the world, and I am seriously considering moving here. There is a creative atmosphere, a thriving arts community, and the people here are so warm and friendly.” The Eye of God works are large-scale prints on fine art paper, the images created by exposing photographic film to light, heat, chemicals, pressure, magnetism, and radiation. They were recently exhibited at the 57th Venice Biennale and also the prestigious Tate Liverpool museum.

Paul Amlehn & The Eye of God
- Opening Night on Tuesday 6th of November, from 5.30pm.
Wednesday 7th, until Sunday 11th of November, 11am to 6pm.

The Year 1 and 2 Visual Arts students of Te Auaha NZ Institute of Creativity, will be presenting their latest works in the upcoming exhibition called “Red Thread – Te Aho Whero”. The concept of “Red Thread” represents a metaphorical link that connects each artist, through their passion in the creative arts. On display will be a diverse range of works from Painting, Printmaking, Illustration, and Graphic Design, to Contemporary Jewellery, and Photography.

“We are a group of visual artists who have come together in various media to showcase our work as emerging artists” said Kathryn Armitage, second year student. “This exhibition is an important part of our development as creative individuals.”

Red Thread – Te Aho Whero Exhibition
Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th November 11th to 5th daily


Kōrero Pono
- OCTOBER 15th - 26th

The collateral consequences of a prison sentence are profound. They affect the present and future of people serving sentences, their whānau, their communities, and Aotearoa as a whole. But these stories are often not heard.

Kōrero Pono is about giving a voice to people with lived experience of the criminal justice system. It is a multi-media art exhibition including haka, interviews, videos, written text and photography. The first exhibition will run from 16-28 October 2018 at Potocki Paterson.

This project aims to provide a platform for those affected by Aotearoa's criminal justice system to tell their stories in an ethical and authentic way. It is an accessible, educational exhibition, which aims to challenge or change perceptions about the criminal justice system in line with evidence-based policy shifts. The Kōrero Pono project is the first of its kind to be created within a New Zealand context and is designed to generate new and refreshing narratives concerning the criminal justice system. These stories will function to challenge the beliefs and prejudices that many New Zealanders hold regarding individuals who have been caught up in the system, and will provide a valuable, experience-based resource for the public.

The primary goal of the exhibition is to reduce stigma, create new narratives about criminal justice, challenge public perceptions and highlight experiences from those who have been incarcerated and their whanau. The exhibition could also help those with lived experience heal by telling their stories, which could help others who have been affected by the criminal justice system in some way. Kōrero Pono presents a new form of qualitative evidence regarding what happens within the justice system and the collateral consequences of this. In many cases participants speak from the heart expressing their truth, which we hope will help the public understand the reality of incarceration.Come along to see and hear their stories alongside portraits and photographs by our incredible volunteer artists.

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In the heart of the Cuba/ Eva St Quarter, this popular venue is available for evening hire -
book launches, poetry readings and private functions.
To book your event please contact dylan@potockipaterson.co.nz

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The gallery will consider each and every submission. If the exhibition proposal meets the required standards, the applicant will be notified of available exhibition dates. A strong ethos at the gallery is to promote and show emerging artists in the early stages of their career.
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